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Smoker Suffering from Cluster Headaches?

I started getting these terrible headaches ...again!

...So I read through the symptoms for cluster headaches:

  • sharp intense pain (not throbbing) above then around one eye
  • pain comes without warning
  • redness and wattering in one eye
  • attacks come in clusters or cycles (several times a day for days or weeks in a row -usually at the same times of day)
  • pain can last anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours (45 min. is the average)
  • the pain often wakes the person up from their sleep
  • person suffering cannot keep still (usually pacing)
  • person can be driven to extreme measures (pounding on walls, etc)

...And guess what?

These symptoms fitted me like a glove!

So, I went to the doctor and he told me that one of the main causes of cluster headaches is SMOKING and drinking beer. As a matter of fact, I also noticed that when I had even one beer, the pain would become even more intense.

So basically, I have seriously pondered quitting smoking. As for the beer, I love beer, but I'm not any kind of alcoholic and only drink occasionally when I go out for a meal, so that's not a problem.

My big bout is with cigarrettes. I don't know whether my doctor was actually helping me or not when I asked him for a way to quit. He mearly said: "just quit" and added "I quit 4 years ago and I've been thanking myself for it till this day".

It's funny how we tend to complicate things more than they really are. Myself, I started smoking when I was 18, then quit smoking at 28, and then started up (like an idiot) at 38 due to personal problems (well, at least that's the excuse I'm using). What I really wished the doctor would have said was that there's some miracle solution that requires no effort on my behalf, but that's some fantasy that goes through your head, because let's face it: people who smoke a pack a day or more DON'T LIKE SMOKING, WE ARE JUST ADDICTED!

Is it possible to quit smoking? DEFINITELY, YES! Heck, I did it once, so I can tell you first hand that all it takes is will power and being honest with yourself (no cheating!).

Would you rather buy some nicotine chewing gum or patches and be addicted to them instead? That would even be a more expensive habit. Just remember, the actual addiction to nicotine disappears after about a week, the real problem is the psychological addiction. If you're married or living together with another smoker, or if you go out frequently, you will have a greater desire to smoke. So my suggestion is to modify your habits, but not exchange your smoking for eating, for example.

Some people say that accupuncture works, but honestly I don't know, because I haven't tried it. But if you give up smoking, you will be thanking yourself for the rest of your life!


After a failed attempt, which lasted for four days in Oct. 2008, I have finally been successful in quitting smoking. I have not had a cigarrette since November 2, 2008. I am living proof that it is possible to kick the habit and get on with a smoke-free life!

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