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Sciatic Relief

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Whether it is acute, chronic or episodic; finding Sciatic pain relief is your number one priority! Today, many patients look beyond mainstream medicine to alternative therapies to reduce sciatic pain.

Sciatic Nerve pain is a symptom and not the problem in itself, therefore we would first need to know the root problem before proceeding to to its possible solution.

According to Jean-Jacques Abitbol, MD, FRCSC, Orthopaedic Surgeon from the California Spine Group, MC in San Diego, CA; the six main causes of sciatic Nerve Pain are:

  • a bulging or herniated disc (disc material can press against an adjacent nerve root, compress delicate nerve tissue and cause sciatica)
  • lumbar spinal stenosis (often brought on by activities such as standing or walking and relieved by sitting down. Nerve passageways become narrow or clogged causing nerve compression)

  • spondylolisthesis (one vertebra slipping forward over an adjacent vertebra, i.e. a slipped disc)

  • trauma (spinal problems caused by accidents)

  • piriformis syndrome (pain caused when the piriformis muscle irritates the sciatic nerve through compression)

  • spinal tumors (when they develop in the lumbar region, there is a risk for sciatica to develop as a result of nerve compression.)

As you can see, various spinal disorders are the main cause of sciatica, which is a consequence of Sciatic nerve compression from herniated discs, slipped discs, tumors, etc. But also, Piriformis syndrome is named for the piriformis muscle and causes pain when the muscle irritates the sciatic nerve (i.e. muscular compression of the nerve).

In summary:

  1. Sciatic Nerve pain is NOT a disorder, but a symptom of a disorder.

  2. Sciatic Nerve pain occurs mainly when something, be it bone, muscle, etc., is pinching the sciatic nerve.

Possible Treatments:


Taking pain killers can give you temporary Sciatic pain relief, but the root problem is not being treated. Do you really want to have to depend on drugs for the rest of your life? Also, drugs can cause addiction; or even worse, as your body can become unsensitized to them and you can end up needing larger doses or stronger drugs to relieve the pain.


In the case of some trauma (accidents, or due to violence), there may be no other choice but to submit a patient to surgery, but in many other cases, this is not the best option due to the delicate nature of these operations which could even leave the patient worse off than before.

All surgery has a risk factor and our spine is a very important and delicate part of our bodies which we do not want to tamper with unless we have had a second, or even a third expert medical opinion on the matter. In most cases, medical doctors (and also common sense) will advise us to examine other options before taking chances on surgery.

Chiropractic Treatment

At the core of chiropractic care are spinal adjustments. Spinal manipulation frees restricted movement of the spine and helps to restore misaligned vertebral bodies to their proper position in the spinal column. But remember also that Sciatica can be caused by other disorders beyond the scope of chiropractic practice, so we must first get a proper diagnosis of the root problem before proceeding.

Natural Remedies

People nowadays, more than ever before, are shying away from drugs and taking unnecessary risks with their health. Certainly, YOU are going to know best if something has worked/is working for you, or not. No one else can tell you that you aren't feeling pain when, in fact, you are.

These methods include the use of herbs for Sciatic pain relief. special comfort pillows or aids, and special exercises designed to strengthen muscles and educate your body to move painlessly and increase your efficiency.

The use of herbs for pain relief is similar to the use of pharmaceutical drugs in that they do not cure the root problem and it is just a matter of time until the pain returns to hound you. Comfort pillows and other orthopedic aids can help you in certain positions, but you do not want to spend your time in bed or sitting down all day. Being that mobility is important, you need to learn what it is you can be doing wrong and how you can correct it, thus avoiding those dreaded Sciatica attacks.

What if you were able to train yourself to move throughout the day in a way that you would no longer have those dreaded attacks? There is an ALL NATURAL method that does not consist of dangerous, painful exercises!

Introducing The Feldenkrais Method® of Somatic Education

Who is Dr Moshé Feldenkrais?

Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais, D.Sc., (1904-1984) was a distinguished scientist, physicist and engineer. He earned his D.Sc. in Physics from the Sorbonne and was a close associate of Nobel Prize Laureate Frederic Joliot-Curie at the Curie Institute in Paris, where they conducted research together. He was also a respected Judo instructor and author of many books on the subject.

Living in England in the 1940’s, Feldenkrais found himself unable to walk after suffering a serious injury. He began an intense exploration into the relationship between bodily movement, and healing, feeling, thinking, and learning. As a result, he restored his ability to walk and made revolutionary discoveries, culminating in the development of the method that now bears his name.

What is The Feldenkrais Method® of Somatic Education?

The Feldenkrais Method is a form of body awareness that is often thought of as alternative or complementary medicine. As designed by Dr Moshé Feldenkrais, in the 1960s, the goal of the Feldenkrais Method was to take a holistic approach to movement. This method uses sensory motor learning to ease aches and pains and enhance skills. It is an innovative approach to achieving dynamic health and well-being.

How can This Method Help You?

Feldenkrais practitioners have obtained positive results with people diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome, chronic and acute back pain, sciatica, headaches, neuralgia, arthritis, foot, knee and hip pain. Their clients report increased vitality. The negative aspects of stress are reduced and movement becomes pleasurable. You will be able to improve your enjoyment and performance of pursuits including riding, skiing, martial arts, tennis, golf, racquetball, swimming, running, walking, yoga and weight-training, besides your regular daily activities.

Where Can You Find More Information About This Revolutionary Method?

Pamela Kihm, a Feldenkrais practitioner for many years, was urged by some of her patients to write a book which could help other sciatica sufferers find what they themselves discovered through her teaching and practices.

It was then that "Stop Sciatica Now!" was developed. Based upon The Feldenkrais method, the award winning book, "Stop Sciatica Now!", has helped thousands of people to find permanent Sciatic pain relief in the comfort of their own homes.

Stop Sciatica Now! is a practical, fool-proof, step-by-step, medically proven program where you will start feeling better ...even within a couple of hours!


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